Harvest time at Cortem

At grape harvest time (Vindima) we welcome anyone who wants to help and share the experience with us and enjoy a day in the vineyards. It is hard work but good company. A great lunch cooked by Helga and of course Cortém wine to drink, makes the day.

For those of you who would like to experience the mystique of winemaking, harvest time offers a great opportunity to learn how it´s done, meet other people. eat good food, enjoy good company and do some hard work.  Grape pickers are welcome and we need up to 20 people for several periods of two to three days during the harvest, which goes from the end of September to first two weeks of October. We have people to carry the heavy loads, so pickers just have to pick and fill the buckets which are then loaded onto the tractor and taken up to the winery for destemming and crushing. There is a great lunch every day cooked by Helga, of course, with the best Cortém wines. At the end of the harvest we have a grill party, so if you live in our area you are very welcome to come and be part of the harvest time at Cortém. Just contact us at the end of August for information about the grape harvest.

If you are interested in helping generally please let us have your phone number, Pruning, Bottling,and Labelling are also jobes where we need help.

See pictures of the harvest in to get an idea of how it works.